Getting ready for enriched cages

An EU-wide ban on conventional cages from 1 January 2012 will leave egg producers with two choices: They can either opt for non-cage systems or install enriched cages, which offer greater space, as well as nesting and scratching areas and perches.

To help producers consider their options, Poultry World is publishing a series of articles as part of a mini-campaign focussing on the enriched cage system.

Poultry World will ask industry leaders whether enriched cages are the way forward, gain tips from equipment manufactuers on what producers should consider when looking at the various systems and finally quiz producers who are already operating these systems to produce eggs.

(1) Does the layer future lie in enriched cages?

(2) What to consider when investing in enriched cages?

(3) Practical tips on installing and managing enriched cages

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