Gunter warming to The Archers


Gunter the Feathered Forager has a confession – he is not an Archers fan. Like many would-be listeners, he just can’t get beyond that nauseating theme tune.

But he has been impressed by the recent attention to detail shown by the programme makers.

Apparently there is a storyline going on in which Ambridge newcomers Toby and Rex Fairbrother have set up in goose production, much to the chagrin of the Grundys, who do Christmas turkeys.

Determined to sound authentic, the Forager has learned that a sound crew has paid several visits to Goodman’s Geese in Worcestershire to capture all the noises associated with keeping geese.

Goslings being released, mature birds in the paddocks – on one recent visit they even wanted to record the noise of feathers being plucked from a freshly-killed goose for use in a future episode.

Researchers have also been in touch with the British Poultry Council to gen up on the Welfare of Animals at Time of Killing regulations. Sometimes, it seems, fact really is stranger than fiction….