HIGNFY celebrates chickens and eggs

The poultry sector has had a long association with Have I Got News For You.

Poultry World was actually the sixth ever “guest publication” to be featured on the programme, way back in 1993, (though we’d be too mainstream now).

So, after last week’s appearance of a chicken wearing a high-viz safety gillet in the Spot The Odd One Out round, it was perhaps not surprising to see a fried egg grabbing the limelight on this week’s slot.

fried eggThe four to choose from? Dick van Dyke’s car, Tutankhamun, a fried egg on a London pavement and Gwyneth Paltrow.

And the answer? The egg of course. Apparently all the others had been exposed to fire, apart from the egg, which had been cooked on the pavement in the reflective glare of the Walkie Talkie building on Fenchurch Street in the City of London.