Hubbard finalises investment in R&D plant

Hubbard is finalising a multi-million euro investment in its research and production plant for the Hubbard Colour range in St Loup d’Ordon, near Paris.

The plant, one of three global Hubbard research and development centres, was built in the 1960s.

During the past two years, as part of its investment programme, Hubbard has replaced eight poultry houses and has said it will commission four more “very soon”. The firm said the new sheds incorporate the latest technology and are “meeting the highest standards for biosecurity”.

Hubbard, which is part of Groupe Grimaud, produces a number of speciality high-welfare breeds, including birds for France’s organic “Label Rouge”, and more recently RSPCA’s Freedom Food standard. A spokesman said that, despite the economic downturn, “the total speciality chicken market has seen tremendous growth and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years”.

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