Humphrey Feeds appoint new commercial manager

Poultry feed specialists, Humphrey Feeds has announced the creation of a new role within its business structure, that of commercial manager.

“With feed prices remaining high, and an oversupply of eggs that has resulted in ongoing price volatility, it is vital that businesses such as ours continue to offer producers a highly efficient, cost effective and professional service,” says Humphrey Feeds director, Martin Humphrey.

“With this in mind, I am delighted to announce that Alison Tod has been appointed to the role of Humphrey Feeds commercial manager. The new role will see Alison working to ensure clear channels of communication between our team and our loyal free range customers.”

“The role of commercial manager has been created to improve our customer services,” says Alison. “The free-range sector in particular is facing a number of challenges, so we need to expend time and resources to help producers find profitable solutions.

“As the company has grown consistently over the past five years, the workload has increased, and my role is to ensure Humphrey Feeds continues to provide a high level of technical expertise, advice and support to enhance optimum bird health and welfare.”

Alison was born in Cheltenham, but grew up in Zimbabwe becoming the first woman commodity stock broker in the Zimbabwean agricultural industry. Since returning to the UK nine years ago, she has worked for alternative feeds supplier KW and pest control company Exosect before taking up the role of commercial manager at Humphrey Feeds.