Irish poultry co-op to close with 90 jobs lost

Co-operative Poultry Products in Cootehill, Ireland, has closed with a loss of 90 jobs.

Up to 40 growers are now seeking to place birds with the remaining three processors in Ireland. Buyers had been sought for the struggling company, but to no avail and it closed on Monday 22 October.

Irish Farmers Association national poultry chairman Alo Mohan said: “Poultry producers lay the blame for this closure at the door of the supermarket chains. Unless the retail bosses start to face up to their responsibilities and pay a fair price that covers escalating producers’ costs and gives them a margin, the poultry sector will disappear in the Republic of Ireland.”

He added that the government needed to introduce legislation immediately for a mandatory code of practice to regulate supermarkets and stop below-cost purchasing. He also wants a Poultry Council to discuss industry problems such as the low price producers receive against 25-50% increases in electricity and gas costs.

Another broiler processor, Cappoquin Poultry, is in examinership. The court-appointed examiner is in discussion with potential buyers and has told the court he expects a deal shortly. Cappoquin was previously purchased by directors of Derby Poultry with other investors after an earlier examinership in 2008.

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