Joice and Hill hatchery widens its portfolio

Hatchery business Joice and Hill Poultry has been given the green light to start distributing three additional ISA breeds in the UK and Eire by its parent company Hendrix Genetics.

From July 2012, the company will start deliveries of the Shaver Brown, ISA Warren and ISA Brown, in addition to its existing Bovans Brown birds.

Until now, these three lines have been supplied exclusively in the UK by Tom Barron Independent Hatcheries. But that deal has now come to an end, though the company may continue to supply the birds on a non-exclusive basis until its flocks finish lay. Tom Barron may also set up new flocks until 31 January 2014, if it chooses to do so.

Joice and Hill managing director Nick Bailey said production of Shaver Browns, ISA Warrens and ISA Browns was already under way on its breeder units and the resultant chicks would be fully compliant with UK codes of practice, including the Lion Code.

“This is very positive news for Joice and Hill and our clients,” he told Poultry World. “Egg producers will be buying direct from the breeding company and we will be able to offer more comprehensive support.

“We are also benefitting from extra investment in facilities by our parent company, which will lead to greater flexibilities on deliveries and improve our cost base.”

Plans were well advanced towards increasing the capacity of the hatchery at near Peterborough by 50%, said Mr Bailey, and the company would also be investing in additional haulage.

Hendrix Genetics completed the takeover of Joice and Hill in early 2010 and announced the planned restructuring of its distribution arrangements last May.

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