New feed range from Harbro

Independent feed manufacturer and home-mixing provider Harbro has launched of a new range of poultry compounds aimed specifically at commercial egg producers.

Laygold Super is a high-energy feed for pre-lay stage or mature hens where maximum egg size needs to be achieved.

Laygold Vigour is designed for multi-age flocks, providing the retail egg producer with good egg quality, size, rich yolk colour and taste.

Laygold Elite is formulated for mid- to end-of-lay flocks where egg size is not essential, but where consistency and quality need to be controlled.

Laygold Vigour contains Oleobiotec, says the company. “Exclusive to Harbro, this revolutionary product helps to improve microbial imbalances, which in trials was shown to increase percentage lay, egg weight, egg mass and increase hen liveability,” it claims.

Robert Thompson has joined the business as poultry specialist to look after compound feed customers in Scotland, complementing Harbro’s home-mixing service.

Mr Thompson has over 30 years’ experience in the poultry industry, working in a family poultry business selling chicks and pullets across the country, along with providing advice on rearing and layer management.

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