New nutrient guides for Ross parent stock

Aviagen has updated nutrient specifications for its Ross brand parent stock, covering feed allocation and nutrient requirements.

The information follows a revised management handbook released earlier in February that the firm called “a complete and thorough review” of its predecessor.

The firm said the updated nutrition guide was designed “to match feed intake with nutrient requirement, to promote optimal reproductive performance in a cost-effective manner”.

It allocates daily nutrient specifications for the entire cycle of parent stock, and includes both a two- and four-stage rearing programme. The four-stage programme is applicable where a lower nutrient density and higher feed volume diet is required.

The new guidelines introduce a “breeder 2” diet for parent stock over 245 days, aimed at better control of weight gain, as well as egg size and quality in later stages.

Recommended amino acid in the diet has also been tweaked. “Levels have been re-evaluated using the latest research data and modelling information in order to accurately link the dietary supply of amino acids to the bird’s requirements during different life stages,” a spokesman said.

Brian Fancher, Aviagen’s group vice-president of technical operations said it was important nutritional advice “kept pace with the genetic potential of our birds”.

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