New products at the 2008 Pig and Poultry Fair

There’s nothing like a tour of the British Pig and Poultry Fair stands to get up to date with the latest in poultry equipment and health products. Here Lucy Knowles rounds up a selection of the newest products on show.

SCA Nutec (stand 40)

New from SCA Nutec is NaturClean, a blend of absorbent mineral compounds designed to keep poultry bedding dry. The product also contains Cinergy, a blend of essential oils to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, such as salmonella and E Coli.

With its absorbent qualities, the company claims it creates a healthy environment by absorbing 4-5ml of water per 10g of product. Therefore, it promotes animal welfare through cleaner, dryer birds and can be used as part of a managed biosecurity programme.

Cobb Europe (stand 28)

Cobb Europe is launching two new breeds aimed at the welfare sector of the broiler market.

The Cobb 700 was initially developed for heavy bird markets which require high breast meat yield. One key attribute is its slower growth and robust health, which make it suited to the higher welfare version of standard chicken.

Cobb Sasso

The second breed is the Cobb Sasso 150, brought by a new partnership with French breeder Sasso. The new breed is a coloured chicken bred from a rustic brown female mated to a white male with about 10% of the broilers having brown feathers and provided distinctive markings.

Egg Sell (stand 274)

Egg co-operative EggSell is launching an extensive training programme aimed at free range egg producers.

Designed to equip both novices and more experienced personnel with training and certification that satisfy accreditation schemes, the range of courses cover any subjects from disease prevention and bird welfare to food hygiene and egg quality.

Schering Plough Animal Health (stand 12/107)

Intervet/Schering Plough Animal Health has collaborated with the Institute of Animal Health and experts at the Veterinary Laboratories Agency to develop a new test for coccidiosis. And it’s offering a free test to visitors at its stand.

The rapid test utilises DNA technology to reliably identify Eimeria species (the organism that causes coccidiosis) from samples such as litter, droppings or infected host material. The firm believes it will mean better diagnosis and added information to help producer choose the best coccidiosis treatment programme.

Bayer Environmental Science (stand 2)

K-Obiol EC25 Grain Protectant is the latest product from Bayer Environmental Science aimed at controlling insects, such as grain weevils, flour beetles, grain borers and flying insects such as warehouse moths in stored feed products.

Lhoist UK (stand 276)

Poultry producer are set to benefit from an additional weapon against all major poultry diseases and infections with the launch of Saniblanc D.


It can be used externally during a normal sanitation cycle of a poultry unit, prior to housing a new flock. It maintains a sterile alkaline environment in excess of pH12 for sustainable periods over 24 hours.

The exothermic reaction with water creates a sudden increase in temperature to over 70Cdestroying all organisms apart from those resistant to heat. It also provides a dry environment, as it is capable of absorbing 650 litres of water/t and is Soil Association approved for organic use.

Liberty Livestock Systems (stand 110)

Liberty Livestock is exhibiting three new products at this event.

First is the Le Roozzt Perching System, a cost effective way of providing perching space required by organic egg producers. It is modular form using 33mm (1.3in) galvanised tube and fitted with special ant-red mite rubber connectors.

The second product is the Liberty Field Shelter, providing 12.24sq m (132sq ft) of shelter, fulfilling shade and protection requirements. With a steel frame, it has a PVC roof guaranteed against UV degradation for 10 years.

Field shelter

Thirdly, the Liberty Triangle Twin 100 is a mobile house aimed at meeting Soil Association requirements of having discreet flocks of 500 or 1000 birds. The house has the capacity to house two entirely separate flocks either side of a central egg room bay.

Jansen Poultry Equipment (stand 19)

Making its debut on the Jansen Poultry Equipment stand is the new centre belt LayMaxx nest.

The nest has a floor that can be raised and is also used to close the nest during night time hours.

Aviagen (stand 4)

The latest addition to the Aviagen range is the Ross Rowan, a brown-feathered bird developed for the speciality markets, such as free range and organic.

Ross Rowan

It offers customers with a coloured broiler, which is slower growing yet still offers excellent meat yield. Add to this the strengths of all Ross products, such as excellent liveability and low feed conversion, the company believes it will add value to any business producing birds for these markets.

Kelly Turkeys (stand 204)

A new franchise scheme to become a Kellybronze farmer is being featured by Kelly Turkeys.

The scheme will help producers and smallholders to produce the Kellybronze turkey in their locality. Under the scheme, the company will now pluck and process the turkeys for producers in the first few years, allowing them to focus on rearing and developing a local market before taking on the processing themselves.

Easichick (stand 206)

Alternative poultry bedding producer Easichick has launched a new product aimed specifically at broilers

Easichick Fines has smaller particles than traditional Easichick bedding, offering better absorbency over a shorter space of time, making it ideal for broilers.