New tool for farmers battling with rodent control

UK rodent control specialist PelGar International claims to have launched the first difenacoum extruded block available to UK producers for the control of rats and mice.

Block baits are becoming increasingly popular in rodent control programmes because they are easy to secure in a bait box, are less attractive to non-target animals than some other forms of bait, are easy to monitor for bait-take and are non-spill.

PelGar UK sales and marketing manager Nic Blaszkowicz explained: “We launched Roban Excel Block Bait into the public health sector last year and feedback from professional pest controllers has been very positive. Difenacoum works very well against rats, but is particularly effective when used to control infestations of mice.”

Roban Excel Block Bait is available in 1kg, 2.5kg and 8kg buckets and is sold with full safety instructions.

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