Norfolk firm reveals broiler unit expansion plans

Proposals for four poultry units housing up to 180,000 broilers have been submitted by an East Anglian family farming company to West Norfolk Council planners.

Newcome-Baker Farms’ application come just months after a larger eight-unit scheme, which could have housed up to 360,000 birds, was withdrawn following concerns from local residents about odour and its effect on the local tourism industry.

The development at Whin Close Poultry Farm, Sedgeford, follows a public consultation event at the village hall last month which attracted more than 150 people.

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William Barber, managing director at Newcome-Baker Farms, said: “We have consulted and looked very carefully at people’s concerns and are confident that this development will have a minimal impact on our neighbours.

“Arable farms need to diversify to continue to be sustainable and this will make a positive contribution to the local economy.”

Brian Barrow, spokesman for planning consultants Acorus Rural Services, told Poultry World that there would be tree screening around the four 300x70ft proposed buildings.

“The former application for eight units could have housed up to 360,000 birds and this application is half the size, and will house between 150,000-180,000 birds.”

The proposed site at “Camp Wood” draws its name from the former site of RAF Sedgeford, which was used during both World Wars and at one time was home to up to 1,500 airmen.

Newcome-Baker Farms has set up its own website covering the planning application, which has details of the UK’s stringent environmental and animal welfare legislation affecting the poultry sector. Further information can be found on the Whin Close Poultry Farm website.

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