Very odd one out for chickens

Always gratifying to see chickens on prime-time television.

The Forager was therefore delighted with the “odd one out” round on last weekend’s Have I Got News For You.

The four to choose from were Prime Minister David Cameron, former Tory spin doctor Steve Hilton, George Osborne MP and…..a pet chicken.

Various ideas were put forward, including that three were Tories, and one was a Liberal Democrat.

The right answer, it transpired, was to do with insufficient clothing.

Steve Hilton had been refused access to some function for not wearing any shoes, David Cameron had been ridiculed for not wearing shorts on a Cornish beach, and George Osborne had, allegedly, once had a naked race down a London street.

Chicken_hi_vis_jacket_carThe chicken, in contrast, was overdressed, sporting the latest in hi-vis jackets. Apparently concerned pet owners have been buying so-called “health and safety gilets” to stop their chickens wandering into the road and getting run over.

As Paul Merton quipped – good news for foxes everywhere!

(Hi-vis jackets are available from Omlet, makers of the Eglu chicken house, price £12. Incredibly, it seems they are currently out of stock!)