One million trees planted on free-range egg farms

A new publicity campaign designed to promote the work free-range egg producers do to improve the environment and boost hen welfare has been launched by the British Free Range Egg Producers’ Association.

BFREPA has encouraged the planting of ranges for the past 10 years, based on the idea that, as chickens are derived from jungle fowl, they are more likely to express natural behaviour when shaded by trees. During that time, its 400 members have planted over one million trees on 680ha – predominantly broadleaved trees of the type most commonly found in English woodlands.

And now the association is now telling people about it, with a campaign targeting local and national newspapers.

Eight cases studies have been prepared, covering England, Wales and Scotland, and the farmers have made themselves available for interview. Most of them have met the cost of the planting the trees themselves, and all have highlighted the benefits in terms of encouraging ranging and reducing bird stress.

The campaign forms part of wider work to promote free-range eggs to consumers centred on the “Love Free Range Eggs” website. For more, see and @LoveFreeRange on Twitter

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