Paul Kelly is the world’s fastest turkey carver

Paul Kelly now has a second entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, officially being crowned the world’s fastest turkey carver.

The carving race occurred at Kelly Turkey’s recent 25th anniversary celebrations of the introduction of the Kelly Bronze bird in June.

Mr Kelly became the first holder of the record for carving a 5kg oven-ready turkey in 3mins 19secs beating his opponent butcher David Harrison. His secret, he explained, was the Kelly Carve method in which he first cuts along the breastbone to remove and slice the breast meat into 14 portions that, in the Guinness contest, had to weigh at least 150g.

It adds to his existing fastest turkey plucker title, where he successfully beat Gordon Ramsay on TV.

The Kelly celebration was held over two days, with 390 people from the industry who, said managing director Paul Kelly, had contributed to the success of the Kelly Bronze which now accounts for 90% of the total Christmas turkey output.

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