Perfectly round egg goes for sale on eBay

A “One in a billion”, perfectly round and – we’re assured – perfectly genuine egg has attracted some interest on  auction website eBay.

The Sun reported that Mark Cameron, 45, from Thamesmead, south east London bought the free-range egg from his local Morrison’s on 2 December. He told the newspaper that “no one’s ever seen anything like it”.

“I’ve looked it up online and I can only find two other people who have had one.”

Encouraged by the interest and apparent rarity of the egg, Mr Cameron decided to put it up for auction on eBay. Naturally, The Forager has watched the sale like a hawk, and found the bidding has sky-rocketed.


That’s right, as of late afternoon on 14 December, the perfectly round egg had attracted 79 bids, and reached a price of £350.

The listing says that the egg is stamped with the British Lion, and has the date and producer code next to it, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to trace back to the farmer, who let what is shaping up to be a record price paid for an egg, slip through his fingers.

Then again, he may not want to know.

You can put a bid in for the egg by following this link