Planning success for new free range unit

A Cumbria chicken farmer has won his battle with planners to open up a new free-range chicken farm.

James Saunders had originally been turned down by Barrow Borough Council in his  attempt to put up a new 16,000-bird free-range unit at Marton.

Local residents had protested that levels of noise, smell and dust made the project unacceptable, and the council  rejected the application, saying that the development would have a negative effect on a rural area.

Angry over what he felt was an incorrect decision, Mr Saunders took his case on appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, which has now overturned the original decision.

In its ruling, the Planning Inspectorate said it felt the council had failed to prove that the farm should not be built in a rural area or on designated county land.

Commenting on the decision, Mr Saunders said: “I’m glad it has happened and that a bit of common sense has been shown. A lot of rubbish was going on before, and I think the councillors were ill-informed.”

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