Plastic pallet is tough enough

This spring sees the launch of a closed-deck plastic pallet from Craemer aimed at poultrymeat processors.

Craemer says many companies in the food processing and packing sectors have preferred closed-deck pallets over open ones. But, up till now, all of those on the market have suffered from construction weaknesses resulting in frequent examples of pallet decks splitting or being damaged by fork-lift truck handling. This in turn allowed water or dirt to enter and possibly contaminate the inner part of the pallet.

Therefore, Craemer decided not to offer this type of product until it found the solution, which it launched last month.

A spokesman said the pallet’s strong honeycomb-shaped internal construction provided rigidity and strength that guaranteed, in combination with a unique welding process, total integrity against the entry of contaminants such as liquid and bacteria.

Craemer UK

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