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Poultry disease and technology top conference agenda

Remaining vigilant to disease in the poultry industry and adopting the latest technologies were two keys points discussed at a major poultry conference in the Republic of Ireland on 9…


Constructing poultry sheds: Your risks and liabilities explained

In the past three years there has been a huge increase in the number of poultry houses as a result of either expansion or diversification. This growth is set to…


Brexit dominates 50th Epic conference

The uncertainty created by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union dominated discussion at this year’s Epic – which celebrated 50 successful years. The owner of a leading poultry business…


Analysis: Bernard Matthews' sale to Ranjit Singh

2 Sisters chief executive Ranjit Singh has further strengthened his hold on the British poultry industry by buying beleaguered turkey integrator Bernard Matthews. Mr Singh bought the business in a…

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Case studies

How to avoid accidents on poultry farms

Health and safety may not be everybody’s favourite subject, but it has to be taken seriously, especially when it comes to farming.  [caption id="attachment_1201203" align="alignnone" width="900"] Left to right: Farm…

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Bernard Matthews sale cleared by competition authority

The sale of Bernard Matthews to poultry tycoon Ranjit Singh has been passed by competition authorities. It means the brakes placed on any consolidation of the turkey integrator and Mr Singh’s…


Irish poultry producer defends VAT reclaiming

A poultry producer at the centre of a row over alleged tax avoidance in Ireland has spoken out, insisting his company has done nothing wrong. The issue revolves around how…


Rabobank: Bird flu to disrupt poultry markets in 2017

A new wave of avian influenza outbreaks across the northern hemisphere is challenging the generally favourable outlook for next year’s world poultry industry, according to the latest quarterly report from Rabobank. The…


Irish government moves to shut poultry farmer's VAT loophole

The Irish government is trying to close a tax loophole which may have saved poultry businesses, based in the republic, millions of euros. Under Irish law poultry farmers are allowed…

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Video: £53m lottery winner to carry on chicken farming

Poultry consultant Richard Maxwell, who hit the headlines with a £53m EuroMillions win on 1 April, says he plans to carry on chicken farming, despite becoming the 10th richest ever…

Air Optimizer boasts better air mixing for poultry farms

Belgian equipment manager Tulderhof Agrosystems has launched new air mixing product which can be used for ventilating both broilers and layers. The Air Optimizer mixes oxygen rich outside air with warm…


VIDEO: Poultry to play big part in NFU campaign

Poultry producers have welcomed a new NFU campaign, aimed at encouraging consumers to buy British produce. Farming Delivers for Britain, was launched by NFU president Peter Kendall on the Thames…

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