Poultry producers encouraged to join Climate Change Levy

Poultry producers still have time to sign up to the Climate Change Levy (CCL) agreement and potentially save thousands of pounds.

The NFU estimates that producers who are registered for the CCL discount are saving on average more than £14,500 in tax payments, on top of energy savings through efficiency measures.

However, the union advises that those who have not yet registered for the discount act quickly, as new applicants to the current scheme need to sign up by the end of July.

The CCL was first introduced by government in 2001, as a new tax to encourage businesses to save energy, but many poultry producers saw it as an extra cost they could do without.

However, lobbying from the NFU has meant that producers who meet energy saving targets are eligible for an 80% CCL discount, reducing the impact of the tax.

Chris Plackett, from energy experts Farm Energy Centre Services (FEC) who run the scheme for the NFU, said: “The current discount arrangements end in 2013 and to meet the rules, any new entrants or re-applicants must sign up as soon as possible.

“Some producers who joined the CCL scheme when it was first introduced struggled to understand the procedures and as a result, dropped out and gave up their entitlement to get the discount.

“The good news is that the problem was quickly recognised and the response was an improved but low-cost service which removed the problem areas for producers.”