Poultry World wins new accolade

The Forager was thrilled to note that Poultry World has made it onto a list of “the most niche magazines the world has ever known”, compiled by Patrick Smith of news and entertainment website BuzzFeed (who?).

Connoisseurs of Have I Got News for You and readers of this blog will know that Poultry World has “previous”, having been the sixth ever “guest publication” on the BBC comedy quiz back in 1993.

slagBut to appear on BuzzFeed’s list alongside the likes of Wind Tunnel International and Global Slag Magazine is high praise indeed.

To celebrate, the Forager is compiling his own list of “the world’s most trivial online content”. Top slot is, of course, reserved for – The Feathered Forager. But news and entertainment website BuzzFeed is also assured of a place in the top ten.