Pukka Pens launches new range of modular poultry brooder huts

Pukka Pens has launched a new range of modular brooder huts that are totally moveable with the use of a tele-loader.

Construction of all units is based on a modular principle which easily allows for expansion or change of size as required based on 2.4m (8ft) sections. The unit’s frame is constructed with treated timber, clad with 12mm (0.47in) exterior ply. Internally, insulation is provided by 5.1cm (2in) polystyrene – which saves around 25% on heating costs – and the 4mm (0.15in) inner wall is polyester coated for easy cleaning.

All of the huts are ideal for brooder hens, free range and organic poultry and are bolted together for easy dismantling, cleaning and storage.

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