Punny poultry showing Downunder

When the news anchor can squeeze three puns into the intro for a news story you know it can only get worse.

I happened across this little gem when I was having a look at news from back in the sunburnt country.

Obviously the journalists at ABC Canberra don’t get to drop the odd chicken pun too frequently, judging by the explosion of them in this quirky little piece.

But seriously, for the true UK poultry fancier the big news is Best in Show was a British Dorking, which for some reason the organisers made walk down a red carpet to fist pumping music.

And while we’re on strange things, why does the Australian Royal National Poultry Show 2011 have gigantic Union Jack flags hanging in the main exhibition area?

Anyway, check it out to see what the cousins Downunder are doing.