Quad-X Poultry Spreader makes bedding a one man job

Northern Ireland manufacturer Quad-X has finalised a new range of poultry spreaders, developed to make poultry house bedding a one person task, saving time and money.

“Using a Quad-X Poultry Spreader is six times faster than a three person crew,” claims the company. “Manual bedding also makes it difficult to ensure an even spread, which can impact upon chick health and results in using more bedding material than is needed.”

The spreaders can be used with a tractor, telescopic loader, tractor loader, skid steer or forklift, with various capacities available. The Poultry Spreader can be tipped forward on a rotating linkage to load from a pile of bedding and then brought back to the upright position, ready to spread.

It can handle various materials such as sawdust, wood shavings (loose or compressed), and chopped straw. A variable speed hydraulic drive allows the producer to control the quantity and speed of spread, while an agitator stops material bridging in the hopper.

An optional de-compaction tool can be added, for breaking up baled shavings.

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