Real life chicken run?

The Daily Mail’s obsession with backyard chook stories continues – and that’s no bad thing.

The latest hot news tells the tale of Agatha, the “plucky hen”, who has given her owners the slip in Yorkshire by hiding in the back of the family’s delivery van, then going AWOL when the doors were opened some 40 miles away.

Agatha’s owners are said to be “shocked” and “desperate”. But the chances of finding Agatha appear slim. Apparently she looks like this:

brown hen.JPG

But the real joy of the story is to be found in the comments at the end.

“Good luck Agatha,” enthuses Pete Wescott.

“Atta girl, Aggie!” says Lynzey form Canada.

“Yum Yum! I bet there’s nothing left but feathers, feet and beak,” suggests Alex from Scotland.