Reebok chicken triggers holocaust debate


Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was starring in a Reebok sports shoe ad….


And as if that wasn’t entertainment enough, check out the debate it triggered:

“Obviously it is computer animated, but they are still depicting cruelty. You didn’t see any? Really? Not even in the farm house where the chickens were in cages waiting to be slaughtered? And the one lucky chicken that manages to go free is a cruel joke.”  Ebola-Chan

“Cruelty ?? Healthy chickens in a barn, protected from the elements, predators, and themselves !! Did you know that chickens are very cannibalistic? This poor chicken would not have made it to the highway before being picked off by any of a number of predators. Now would that be cruel?” perryhodgins

“Oh please, that’s like trying to make light of the holocaust by saying “but the Jews got free housing and were protected from the elements and themselves!”. A predator eating the chicken is natural and it needs the chicken for survival. Humans do not need chickens. We treat them like machines to produce the stuff we want not need.”  Ebola-Chan

“Clever. Tying into humans subconscious sense of guaranteed hopelessness and turning it into something more heroic than life.”  Dirt Poor