Retailer’s brand goes all free range

Morrisons has become the first of the UK’s top four retailers to switch to 100% British free-range eggs for its own-label range.

The retailer has also introduced an “Online Egg Tracker” to its own-brand range, Natures Nest, allowing customers to trace their egg back to the farm where it was laid.

Every egg within the range will be stamped with its own individual code before leaving the farm and, by entering this code on the Egg Tracker site, they can learn about the farm on which it was produced, explained Morrisons.

The introduction of 100% British free-range eggs comes nine months earlier than Morrisons had previously targeted, and will enable millions of laying hens to become free-range two years before the EU-wide ban on battery cages comes into force, the company said.

Trading manager Jamie Winter commented: “We sell over 10 million eggs each week, so our move to 100% British free range will really make a difference to the welfare of laying hens and will enable more customers to buy free range each week.”

In December, Morrisons was named Egg Retailer of the Year by the British Free Range Egg Producers Association. The award recognises the efforts and contribution made in encouraging consumers to opt for a free range option when shopping for eggs.

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