SAC’s Nick Sparks honoured with professorship

SAC’s head of avian science Nick Sparks has been conferred with a personal professorship during Glasgow University’s annual graduation ceremony, in recognition of his research in the poultry sector.

Since joining the SAC in 1989, after graduating from Nottingham University and completing a PhD at the University of Bath, Prof Sparks has carried out significant research into leg problems in chickens and animal welfare.

His work has been used in reports by the Farm Animal Welfare Council to advise the government on such issues.

He is currently a key player in a new initiative looking at the control of campylobacter on farm.

Addressing the graduation, SAC academic director Prof Geoff Simm said: “Professional, collaborative, inclusive and quietly persistent are the words often used by external referees in supporting Nick’s nomination.

“These are attributes his colleagues recognise in abundance. His expertise is highly respected and trusted by academics, policymakers and industry partners alike.”

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