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This month our pure breeds reporter heads to Lancashire

If any proof was needed that poultry shows are riding on the crest of a huge wave then it was clearly evident at the Southport and Ormskirk show.

This event had three really important reasons to celebrate. The first was the opening of the new poultry exhibition hall in Holmeswood, Lancashire. A really impressive building that has been built by the local bantam society. Although there’s been many new civic and village halls that are used by poultry clubs and societies, this must be the first one for decades to be built specifically for showing poultry.

No wonder that Southport and Ormskirk is considered to be one of the most dynamic and imaginative clubs in Britain.

This long-held dream was realised when Bill Lee cut the red ribbon at the formal opening of its late autumn show. Bill is one of the founder members of the club and his thoughts on this momentous occasion must have strayed to the Southport legends who were no longer around to enjoy this outstanding achievement.

The second reason was the presentation of an Honorary Life Membership to the Poultry Club. This was one of the most popular presentations for years because the recipient, George Taylor, is so popular and well respected. This year marks the 50th anniversary of George’s showing. He comes from Crook near Lake Windermere, Cumbira, where he has a thriving egg business in this stunningly beautiful corner of the Lake District.

As an egg exhibitor, he has won every major prize in every corner of the UK. In fact, George has won a staggering 19,000-plus prize cards and, amazingly, he’s kept everyone of them.

I have much to thank George for. He was the first person that I photographed for Poultry World 25 years ago. He still has the most wonderful twinkle in his eye and his smile never seems to disappear. You would have a difficult task finding someone who didn’t hold George in the highest esteem. George is the first Cumbrian to receive this top honour.

Chris Parker presented this award to George, and he was the third reason for celebration. This was his first official engagement as Poultry Club president. Chris comes from Ribchester in the Ribble Valley and has been a leading light in every facet of the poultry world since he was a young lad. Therefore, the choice of such a well-respected, popular man for this high office has been met with universal approval.

It seemed fitting that such an important landmark show should have prize winners of the highest calibre and none are higher than Peter Watkinson from Hesketh Bank and Phillip Stadden from West Yorkshire. Even the birds seemed right for such a momentous occasion.

Peter took the supreme championship with one of his wonderful Old English Game bantams. And Philip took the reserve championship with one of his classic Leghorns.

Visit our online Poultry Winners Gallery to see all the pictures from the event.

**results table**

Main prizewinners

Supreme champion P Watkinson Old English Game Bantam

Reserve P Stadden Leghorn

Section champions

Large soft feather A&D Proctor White Wyandotte

Large hard feather P Watkinson Carlisle

Soft feather heavy D Brewer Rhode Island Red

True bantam G Hodge Rosecomb

Trio Rimmer & Prescott Australorps

Junior exhibitor E Bailey Australorp

Waterfowl M Crowther Silver Appleyard

Eggs J&H Beard Three brown


Forthcoming shows

13 December East Yorkshire (01377 288 030)

13 December Ashdown Forest (01273 474 555)

19-20 December National Federation (01234 365 150)

27 December Syston (01162 593 730)

27 December Dromore (02838 318 123)

3 January Selston (01773 861 921)


A1 & A2 – Poultry Club president Chris Parker and George Taylor received his honorary life membership of the Poultry Club

B1, B2 & B3 – George Taylor received his honorary Life membership of the Poultry Club at the Southport Show

C – From left, Chris Parker, George Taylor and Peter Watkinson holding his Supreme show champion

D1 & D2 – A small section of the crowd waiting to enter the new hall

E1 & E2 – Bill Lee, one of Southport’s founders, cutting the ceremonial opening ribbon

F – A faverolle male belonging to Tom Barlow

G/H – A blue Frizzle belonging to Martin Crowther from West Yorkshire

K – Best Modern – a Blue pullet belonging to Peter Watkinson

L – A White Wyandotte belonging to A and D Procter was Best Large Soft Feather

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