Suppliers show off latest machinery

A range of new technology was on display at this year’s Pig and Poultry Fair 2010 with green energy, automatic vaccinators and a British made sterilising system catching fair visitors attention.

A British-designed gas burner (below, right) kills bacteria such as E coli and yeast, mould and parasites by moving over the floor of empty hen houses with what amounts to an industrial oven, incinerating everything under its hood.

Inventor Richard Pearson from Thermoweed said using heat as the first step in the cleaning process also had other beneficial effects.

“We found the disinfectants work best at about 20C so you warm the shed up using the burner and then the chemicals work better as well,”

ThermoweedThe gas burners have been used on two poultry farms in Yorkshire and have received with positive reports from farmers and official approval from insurance firms.

A single burner unit will cost about £5000.

Gas was also on the mind of German equipment manufacturer Big Dutchman which was displaying its new manure gasification system (top picture) promising to allow farmers to produce clean energy while providing by-products for use as fertiliser.

The system comes as a package with a machine to dry and pelletise manure which is then converted into heat and electricity through a thermochemical conversion in a combined heat and power (CHP) plant, leaving only nitrogen and ash.

Big Dutchman sales and project manager Ian Burgess said a unit well supplied with fuel would be able to generate a considerable amount of electricity.

“80,000 layers will fuel this [CHP] 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it will create enough electricity for 200 houses,” Mr Burgess said.

A pilot plant is running in Germany with a worldwide rollout of the gasification system expected later in the year.

Intervet-auto-poultry-injectorAlso on show at the fair was Intervet’s new Desvac Automatic IM which enables the precise injection of vaccinations deep into muscle of birds between 12-19 weeks of age.

The Desvac removes the need for the handler to try to control the bird while also carrying out the injection. The handler simply positions the animal in the machine and then the injections are automatically administered.

About 700-1000 birds could be vaccinated an hour with double of single vaccinations. The device is on sale from Intervet now.

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