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How focus on marketing won Scots turkey farm plaudits

Turkey producer, Craig Michie, has focused on growing a strong reputation side-by-side with bird numbers, and is reaping foodie awards left right and centre as a result. We find out…


Analysis: Bernard Matthews' sale to Ranjit Singh

2 Sisters chief executive Ranjit Singh has further strengthened his hold on the British poultry industry by buying beleaguered turkey integrator Bernard Matthews. Mr Singh bought the business in a…


The science of successful turkey production

Successful and profitable turkey production requires regular review of nutrition and management policies. As science advances, it isn’t long before new thinking trickles down to conventional production, where it can…


Antibiotics reduction strategies for turkey farmers

Many misconceptions about animal production and antibiotics resistance remain among consumers, retailers, legislators and politicians. Simply put, antibiotics resistance is the ability of bacteria to survive or even flourish in…

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Buoyant Christmas for turkey producers

Turkey producers enjoyed a good Christmas season, with some producers increasing prices by as much as 4% and many farmers selling out of birds. However, some farms found it a…


Bird flu confirmed on Lincs turkey farm

Avian influenza has been confirmed on a turkey farm near Louth, in Lincolnshire. It marks the first incursion of the virus to the UK following a migratory season that has…


Breaking news: Suspected bird flu on UK turkey farm

See the updated news on the avian flu outbreak Avian influenza is suspected on a Lincolnshire turkey farm, with Defra undertaking epidemiology testing to determine the cause of high mortality.…


Massive turkey fetches £900 at charity auction

A turkey weighing in at a massive 65lbs has been auctioned for charity raising £900 to help farming families in crisis. The turkey was supplied by Surrey-based butcher F Conisbee…

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Video: £53m lottery winner to carry on chicken farming

Poultry consultant Richard Maxwell, who hit the headlines with a £53m EuroMillions win on 1 April, says he plans to carry on chicken farming, despite becoming the 10th richest ever…

Radio station under fire for "cook or keep" turkey vote stunt

Listeners of Oxfordshire-based radio station Jack FM have been asked to vote to decide the fate of two turkeys this Christmas.  They can choose to either "cook" or "keep" the…

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