Weird news wrap V2.0

Once again the internet has delivered a strange mix of odd poultry ‘news’ to satisfy the FF’s cravings for obscure stories.

Fly tipping forage  


In the lead there’s a story from The Reading Post about a fly tipper who has been dumping KFC in a field, with one local suggesting it is being left to feed red kites or foxes.

Why on earth a person would line up a delicious KFC dinner for a mangy fox is beyond me.

Also would a bird of prey have any inclination towards chowing down on a fried chicken dinner? Perhaps the KFC could attract mice and foxes then the red kites could eat them?

Anyway it’s a weird story and personally I blame the people of Wokingham. Farmers Weekly minion and occasional blogger over at Tim Relf’s Field Day, Rachel Jones, hails from Wokingham and she’s a weird one.

Poultry in motion, puns The Daily Mail…

Next up it’s every poultry lovers favourite football team the Blackburn Rovers and their starring role in an advertisment for chicken to be aired on the subcontinent. The advert is for Venky, the Indian poultry producers which recently bought the team.

So how does the ad stand up? Well it’s cringeworthy and full of feshly cooked chicken products being consumed. What more do you want?!


And finally…that’s it. Yes, a suprise all be it awkward ending to our new round up.