Land At Laughterton, Laughterton, Lincoln, LN1

£270,000 - SALE

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Land At Laughterton, Laughterton, Lincoln, LN1
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Savills Rural
Savills Rural
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Land At Laughterton, Laughterton, Lincoln, LN1
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Savills Rural


An attractive parcel of land close to the village of Laughterton


The land lies to the western side of the village of Laughterton with access taken directly off Marsh Lane.

The land extends to about 55.25 acres (22.35 hectares) in all and comprises approximately 14 acres of mixed coniferous and broad leaf woodland with the remainder being predominantly permanent grassland. At the centre of the holding is a large amenity pond that is stocked with a range of course fish, including a number of large carp. This pond is also used for water abstraction. There are a number of former equestrian cross country jumps spread across the property. The land is classified as predominantly Grade 3 according to the Soil Survey of England and Wales and the soils are described as being of the Newport 1 and Blackwood series. The Newport 1 series is described as deep well drained sandy and coarse loamy soils. The Blackwood series is described as deep permeable sandy and coarse loamy soils. Both soil types are described as being suitable for cereals,
potatoes, sugar beet and grassland.

There are no mains services connected to the land.

Basic Payment Scheme
The land is registered to receive payments under the Basic Payment Scheme and the relevant Basic Payment Entitlements will be included in the sale. The claim for the current claim year will be retained by the Vendor and the Vendor agrees to use reasonable endeavours to transfer the entitlements for future Basic Payment to the Purchaser. The ingoing purchaser(s) will indemnify the vendor against any noncompliance from the date of completion.

Environmental Stewardship Schemes
The land is not subject to any Agri-Enviroment Schemes.

Abstraction Licence
There is a water abstraction licence held for the property. Details of this license are available from the selling agents.

Nitrate Vulnerable Zone
The selling agents believe the land to be situated within a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone and is subject to the usual restrictions. The purchaser is to satisfy themselves of this.

Flood Zone
The majority of the land lies in Flood Zone 2.

Sporting, Timber and Mineral Rights
All sporting, timber and mineral rights, where owned, are included in the sale.

Wayleaves, Easements and Rights of Way
The property is sold subject to and with the benefit of all existing Wayleaves, Easements and Rights of Way whether public or private whether mentioned or not.

Method of Sale
The land is offered for sale as a whole by Private Treaty.

The Vendor and Vendor’s agents will do their best to specify the ownership of boundaries, hedges, fences and ditches but will not be bound to determine these.

In the event that any part of the holding is subject to VAT this will be payable by the Purchaser in addition to the purchase price.

The land may be viewed during day light hours providing you have a copy of the Savills particulars with you. Given the potential hazards of a working farm, viewers should take care and precaution with regard to their personal safety when viewing the land.

Acreage: 55.25 Acres

Date posted: 31/07/19