Land At Warlaby, Warlaby, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 9JS

£500,000 - SALE

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Land At Warlaby, Warlaby, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 9JS
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Savills Rural
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Land At Warlaby, Warlaby, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 9JS
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Savills Rural


A productive and accessible block of Grade 2 arable land situated south west of Northallerton, well-suited to cereal and root cropping and divided into three fields.


Closing date for best and final offers – 12 noon Tuesday 17th November 2020

The farmland lies in single block immediately west of Warlaby, adjoining and accessed direct from the public highway. The land is predominantly level with some gentle undulation in height between 35 to 50 metres above sea level and is classified as Grade 2 under the MAFF Provisional Agricultural and Classification. Soils are from the Wick 1 and Dunkeswick eries, common to the locality, described as fine loam and sandy soils, with Dunkeswick an inclusion of clay and loam.

Rights of Way, Easements & Wayleaves: The property is sold subject to, and with the benefit of all existing wayleaves, easements and rights of way, public and private whether specifically mentioned or not. A mains gas pipe and public footpath crosses part of the land. The vendors will grant a right of way over the area coloured blue, maintenance contribution will be according to user.

The retained land as demarked on the sale plan is pegged on site and will be fenced prior to completion by the vendors with post and four rails.

Sale Conditions: There is a restrictive covenant in favour of the owners/occupiers of Warlaby Lodge and their successors in title preventing the erection of any building on the land hatched in red on the sale plan. Further details are available from the Agents.

The vendor is proposing to construct a new access at point A on the plan (at their own cost), this would be for the sole use of the purchaser and when constructed would forfeit the right of way coloured blue. The necessary planning will be sought and the access constructed to standard detail DC/E9 comprising, 150mm concrete over the sub-base, visibility displays provided as necessary in both directions. The wider design will include opening reveals fenced with a post and five rail fence and a pair of 6 bar galvanised steel gates fitted on steel gate posts erected 9m from the roadside. The ground from the boundary into the field will be compacted Type 1 hard core, and any banks created sown with grass. The exact design will be determined through the planning process with NYCC.

Subsidies & Grants
The land is registered on the Rural Land Registry and is sold with the benefit of Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) Entitlements. The Entitlements are currently held by and have been claimed, in 2020, by the outgoing tenant. The selling agents will endeavour to facilitate transfer to the purchaser in readiness for the 2021 claim, the charge for which, will be £150 + VAT per transaction. There are currently no active stewardship schemes in place over the land.

Sporting Rights
The sporting rights are included insofar as they are owned.

The mineral rights are included insofar as they are owned.

We are not aware of any services connected to the land.

The freehold of the land is offered for sale with vacant possession available following the expiry of the current Farm Business Tenancy on 28th February 2020. The outgoing tenant has surrendered early and will not establish 2020/21 crops.

Part of the land lies within a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone.

Method of sale
The land is offered for sale by private treaty as a whole. All prospective purchasers are encouraged to register their interest with the selling agents.

Acreage: 51.32 Acres


Post Code: DL7 9JS

Viewing: The land may be inspected at all reasonable times, on foot, with a copy of the sale brochure. Care should be taken, with particular note to open ditches and drains.

Date posted: 18/10/20