Leverington, Cambridgeshire, PE13

£65,000 - SALE

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Leverington, Cambridgeshire, PE13
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Savills Rural
Savills Rural
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Leverington, Cambridgeshire, PE13
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Savills Rural


Strategic development opportunity around the western Wisbech area


Lot 4 – Land at Leverington
A linear piece of land fronting onto the public highway currently let on a grazing licence for £450 per annum.

Classified as predominantly Grade 1 the soils are described by the landis.org.uk soilscapes map as loamy and clayey soils of coastal flats with naturally high groundwater.

Overage / Uplift Clause
Lot 4 will be sold subject to a development uplift clause. This uplift clause will specify that 50% of any increase in value of the land or buildings due to development (as defined in Section 55 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990) will be payable to the vendors, or their successors in title, should such a development occur within 40 years from the date of completion. The uplift clause shall not be triggered by any development for agricultural and/or equestrian purposes.

Basic Payment Scheme
It is understood that some of the land is registered to receive payments under the Basic Payment Scheme. The entitlements belong to the tenants and are not available with the sale.

Lot 4 – A Grazing Agreement with a current rent of £450pa. The current agreement expires on 30th November 2019.

A copy of this agreement is available from the selling agents.

Wayleaves, Easements and Rights of Way
The property is sold subject to and with the benefit of all existing wayleaves, easements and rights of way whether public or private whether mentioned or not.

Sporting, Timber & Mineral Rights
The sporting, timber and mineral rights are included in so far as they are owned.

The land is subject to drainage rates payable to the North Level District Internal Drainage Board.

Flood Zone
The majority of the land lies within flood zone 3.

The vendor and vendor’s agents will do their best to specify the ownership of boundaries, hedges, fences and ditches but will not be bound to determine these.

The land can be seen during daylight hours providing you have a copy of the Savills sale particulars to hand. Given the potential hazards of a working farm viewers should take extra care and precaution with regard to their personal safety when viewing the property.

Acreage: 7.65 Acres

Date posted: 21/10/19