Lot 1 – Land At Winterton, Winterton, North Lincolnshire, DN15

£175,000 - SALE

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Lot 1 – Land At Winterton, Winterton, North Lincolnshire, DN15
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Lot 1 – Land At Winterton, Winterton, North Lincolnshire, DN15
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Savills Rural


Arable land for sale by Informal Tender


The land is located in three separate fields to the east of
Winterton in North Lincolnshire and is available as a whole
or in up to two lots. Classified as predominantly Grade
3 land, the Soil Survey of England and Wales describes
the soils as being of the Wallasea 1 association, which
are deep stoneless non-calcareous clayey soils. Flat land
with groundwater controlled by ditches and pumps and
suitable for the growing of winter cereals.

Lot 1 extends to about 29.66 acres (12 hectares) across
one level field with access directly onto Holmes Lane. The
land is located about 1.7 km along Holmes Lane from the
junction with Ermine Street. Nearest Postcode DN15 9QY.

Lot 2 extends to about 19.71 acres (7.98 hectares) across
two separate fields, both of which have access onto Carr
Lane. The first parcel is found about 200 metres north of
the Holmes Lane and Carr Lane junction. The second is
about 1,000 metres on from the entrance to the Model
Flying Club which is a little further along Carr Lane.
Nearest postcode DN 15 9QX.

Method of Sale
The land is being sold as a whole or in up to two lots by
way of Informal Tender, please study the accompanying
informal tender form for further details on how to submit
a tender.

Tenure and Possession
The land forms part of a two separate Farm Business
Tenancies. The tenancy for lot 1 terminates on 10 October
2020. The tenancy for lot 2 terminates April 2021.

Minerals, Sporting and Timber Rights
As far as they are owned, sporting rights and standing timber are included in the sale. The mineral rights shall be reserved by the vendor in so far as they are owned.

Nitrate Vulnerable Zone
The majority of the lots are situated within a Nitrate Vulnerable
Zone and will be subject to the usual restrictions.

The land is subject to drainage rates payable to the Ancholme
Internal Drainage Board. Buyers must satisfy themselves of any rates applicable to the land.

Restrictive Covenants & Up lift Clause
A clawback reservation requiring the payment of 50% of any
uplift in value arising from the grant of any planning permission
(other than for solely agricultural or equestrian purposes) during the period of 80 years from the date of the proposed sale. Such payment(s) shall become due on the earlier of: 1. a disposal of the property or any part thereof with the benefit of the relevant planning permission and 2. the implementation of the relevant planning permission. The clawback rights shall be protected by a Land Registry restriction requiring the consent of the seller, a deed of covenant from any successor in title and a covenant restricting the use of the land to agricultural and/or equestrian purposes save that the property (or relevant part as the case maybe) may be used in accordance with any planning permission in respect of which a clawback payment has been paid. For the avoidance of doubt the term ‘agricultural’ shall not include the planting of trees or any cultivations or works relating to any biodiversity or carbon off-setting compensation projects in relation to any residential, commercial or infrastructure development or similar matters.

The usual church property covenants will apply as more
particularly detailed on the tender form.

Acreage: 29.66 Acres

Date posted: 24/06/20