Munches Farms Limited, Cumberlow Green, Hertfordshire, SG7 6RN

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Munches Farms Limited, Cumberlow Green, Hertfordshire, SG7 6RN
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Savills Rural
Savills Rural
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Munches Farms Limited, Cumberlow Green, Hertfordshire, SG7 6RN
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Savills Rural


A very pretty ring fenced block of arable land and wood extending to 478 acres


Divided into 13 sizeable fields the land is well suited to modern cereal production with easy access onto the A507 running between the towns of Baldock to the west and Buntingford to the east.

Arable land

The land is classified by the Land Classification Series of England and Wales as mainly Grade 3 with small areas of Grade 2 at the eastern and western tips. The soils are described as being predominantly of the Hanslope Series being a clay over chalk. The soils on the lower areas of the farm are clayey and get progressively chalky as you rise.

All of the fields are accessible from either the public highway or from a series of internal tracks. In recent years the land has been farmed in a rotation of wheat, oats and beans with additional areas given over for environmental benefit.


The whole farm is included within a countryside scheme administered under the LEAF Marque (Linking Environment and Farming). This is an environmental assurance system which recognises more sustainably farmed products. Significant areas of land, predominantly around woodland edges, have been managed for environmental benefit. These areas could be continued or brought back into arable production.


The woodland extends to 56 acres and, with the addition of game covers and bird seed mixes, has historically formed the basis of a family shoot which takes advantage of the natural undulation in the land. The 3 main areas of woodland (Coldash Wood, Rydals Wood and Munches Wood) are a mix of mostly broadleaved trees and are classified as Ancient and Semi- Natural Woodland. The woods provide the basis of a habitat for a variety of flora and fauna and there is an abundance of Bluebells in the spring.

Acreage: 478.47 Acres


What3Words – The entrance to the farm can be found using the What3Words location service under the reference loft.spark.flitting

Date posted: 03/07/21