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Pebble Island, Falkland Islands

Pebble Island is thought to have been named after the unusual translucent agate found on one of its beaches. It is a 45 minute flight from Stanley (30 minutes from Mount Pleasant Airport) on the small Islander plane. Zodiac landings can also be made from visiting expedition ships.

The sale of Pebble Island comprises:

  •  Pebble Island. It is the third largest offshore island in the Falklands
  •  10,622 hectares of varied terrain (19 miles long by 4 miles at its widest)
  •  3 peaks, the highest reaches 909’
  •  4 mile long white sandy beach – the longest in the Falklands and it is occasionally used as the airstrip
  •  Wonderfully preserved fossils
  •  Many lakes and ponds and 42 breeding bird species, making it an International Bird Area (IBA)
  •  A sheep farm that was established in 1860 by the Dean family and owned by them since 1869.
  •  A market for wool and meat (approximately 6,000 sheep)
  •  Growing cattle industry – for meat (approximately 120 cattle)
  •  An established tourist industry with 2 self-catering cottages. This is supported by The Lodge (privately owned) which is able to offer meals, tours and internet access
  • Residential, farm and utility buildings.
  •  New fencing over much of the island
  •  New power systems within the last 4 years – solar panels, wind turbine & batteries
  •  Wreckage from the 1982 war, and memorials to commemorate loss on both sides. Pebble was the site of the first land based action

Wildlife, Flora & Fauna

  •  42 breeding bird species
  •  Large numbers of Gentoo, Magellenic and Rockhopper penguins, and the occasional Macaroni & King penguins
  •  Breeding colony of Giant Petrels
  •  Breeding Skuas
  •  King cormorant colonies
  •  Breeding colony of sealions
  •  Commersons dolphins
  •  Whales
  •  8 endemic plants

Farming Lease

Along with the sale come great, hardworking tenant farmers requiring 5 years notice. 100 acres of the island can be withdrawn from the lease by the purchasers should they wish to build their own retreat, establish high end tourism, or establish a new enterprise within the 5 year notice period. There are also 3 properties requiring renovation which are not in the lease.

Date posted: 10/12/18