The DPJ Foundation

The DPJ Foundation is the leading mental health charity working with the agricultural community in Wales. Established in July 2016 by farmer’s daughter Emma Picton Jones following the suicide of her Agri Contractor husband Daniel, the DPJ Foundation aims to raise awareness of mental health in rural communities and to provide support when it is needed.

“Share the Load” the DPJ Foundation’s confidential 24 hour telephone (0800 587 4262) and text (07860 048 799) line provides callers with access to Samaritans trained volunteers who will listen without judgement and who can help. Through Share the Load, callers can also get access to qualified counsellors, free of charge, within a week of their call to the service. Since being established in January 2018, Share the Load has supported over 350 callers with counselling, supporting many more just by being there when needed.

As not everyone will make a call to Share the Load, the DPJ Foundation also supports the wider rural community to help each other through bespoke agricultural Mental Health Awareness training. This enables people to spot the signs of poor mental health and to build confidence to help as well as knowing how to look after their own wellbeing.

Further details of the DPJ Foundation can be found on their website



Supporting the farming community

Britain's Fittest Farmer was launched by Farmers Weekly in 2018 as a fun and friendly way to get farmers thinking and talking about their physical and mental health, to make sure they are in top condition to run their business.

This year, we have partnered with four amazing charities and are asking for donations to support their incredible work within the farming industry.