Farming is the biggest job on earth and the foundation on which the modern world was built, yet for modern society it has for too long been too easy to forget our roots.

There is a perfect storm of more mouths to feed, a finite amount of energy and water with which to feed them, a changing and more extreme climate and a volatile global market in which to trade means the global food system is at risk.

At first glance these challenges are really too big and complex to grasp, but the role of farmers and agriculture in resolving them is indisputable.

The challenges in this sector are enormous but, due to the nature of our food system, it is reflected right down the chain in the fields of British farms, on the shelves of supermarkets, in manufacturer workshops and in the labs of scientists.

Businesses spanning the whole food chain from farm to fork are on the hunt for the best brains to help them solve these challenges and the Farmers Apprentice competition is here to help them do just that.

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