The future for UK soil science

Soil health has been declining in recent years, but agriculture can have an active role in reversing this trend with the help of scientific developments.

At our second Arable Horizons interactive lecture, held at Rothamsted Research Centre in Harpenden on 26 January, farmers and agronomists heard about the latest innovations in soil management that will assist them in improving soil quality.

The expert speaker was Professor Wilfred Otten, Professor of Soil Biophysics at the Cranfield Soil and Agrifood Institute.

Professor Otten outlined the new technologies that will influence cropping practices, the historic challenges soil science has faced and their possible solutions with breakthroughs in the lab and the field.

To find out more about the scientific advances that helping farmers to combat soil health decline read the report and watch the video of the full talk below.

You can also see a gallery of photos from the event below.


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From pest-busting bacteria to supercharged crop growth, the science of biocontrol is seeking to use beneficial insects and microbes to improve yields and reduce loses from pests and disease.

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Date: 9 March 2017
Location: TBC


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Date: 15 June 2017
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