Grass Management Agenda 2019 (draft)

Morning agenda


09.30 Registration with coffee

10.00 Introduction to the day and welcome by Chair

10.20 Breakout into four groups and rotate around the following stations (30 minutes each): 

1. pH and soil nutrients
How to test soil pH, targets and key nutrients for healthy soils.
Chris Duller, Grassland Adviser

2. Compaction and drainage
How to spot compaction (demonstration), its impacts on soil fertility and how to correct compaction.
Charlie Morgan, Grassland Consultant

3. Reseeding
The benefits of reseeding and key considerations for farmers, including an explanation of how to interpret the recommended lists when selecting varieties
Dr. Liz Genever, Independent Sheep and Beef Consultant
Helen Mathieu, Area Sales Manager, Germinal GB

4. Weeds
What common weeds affect grass, how they impact on yield, how and when to treat?
Dr. George Fisher, Independent Grassland Consultant

*Agenda is subject to change

Afternoon agenda

12.20 Lunch

13.15 Choose one of three options (45 mins with 15 mins for questions):
1. Multi-cut system
2. Rotational grazing
3. Traditional three-cut silage making
Practical recommendations on best practice for cutting – blade cleanliness/sharpening.

14.15 Coffee Break & optional Farm Tour

15.30 Close of the day