Germinal is a leader in forage and forage-based farming systems with market expertise developed over generations. Their success lies in a strategic mix of scientific innovation, global partnerships, educational initiatives and a team of highly experienced people.
For over thirty years, Germinal has maintained a unique relationship with the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Science (IBERS) at Aberystwyth University. Through this collaboration, the company has brought Aber High Sugar Grass (AberHSG) to a worldwide market, providing a combination of dry matter yield and herbage quality capable of under-pinning modern sustainable livestock farming.

Eurofins Agro

Eurofins Agro is a global leader in independent analytical services for agriculture. Our fresh grass grazing analysis is the most accurate rapid test available in the UK and gives real insight into the quality of your grass, allowing you to measure, manage and optimise your system.

Our unique capabilities and technology give added accuracy and insight in every analysis of your farm’s natural assets. Our core mission is to make the data that we produce much more accessible and usable for farmers and advisors, with the aim of making it truly useful at farm level. This allows you to put insight to work and create a more efficient, sustainable and profitable farming business.

Eurofins Agro is your partner in the future of farming.


AgriWebb is the leading cloud-based livestock management software, providing tracking and record keeping tools to aid productivity and efficiency to sheep and cattle producers and their operations. AgriWebb makes it simple to record activities on farm in the palm of your hand, helping farmers maintain cross compliance and focus on sustainable and innovative practices to improve their operations and build a profitable business. The software is already used by over 4,000 farmers worldwide, with over 35 million acres being managed, and users have seen livestock production performance increases of 20% through the use of the app.

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Farmers Weekly has developed strong and sustainable relationships in farming for over 80 years and by sponsoring one of our many live events, we can add real impact and value to your marketing mix by connecting you with the right audience. Each of our events are backed by a strong marketing and PR campaign throughout the year.

Whether you are interested in raising your brand profile, reaching our audience, providing expert content or launching a new product, we can help you achieve your business objectives.

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