OSR Masters 2018

The first OSR Masters brought together attendees from across the UK to hear from key industry speakers on four key topics:
-Maximising your yield and reducing costs
-Reducing the impact of pests and disease
-Targets for breeding and genetics
-Understanding the OSR market

The event was held at lynchfield Corner Farm. Extending to around 344 ha, Oilseed rape accounts for more than one fifth of the cropping with both hybrid and conventional varieties being grown on 280ha of mainly heavy soils.

OSR Masters is part of our is part of our commitment to help growers make more profitable crop in the face of rising inputs and volatile markets..

OSR Masters: Case Studies

Case study: 4 growers on how they get oilseed rape off to the best start

Case study: Oilseed rape growers focus on costs and yields for next season

OSR Masters



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