Soils in Practice 2020 agenda


09:00 Farmers Weekly introduction
08.45 ELMS
Public money for public goods. Soils as natural capital

  • Part 1: Soil as natural capital
    Improving soil health not only helps you farm more efficiently, but as a form of delivering an environmental and public good, can pay tenfold. What are the next steps? What will the connection between the Agriculture Bill and the Environment Bill mean for UK farmers? How can we prepare for standardised soil health measurements and benchmarks to lead regulation going forward?
  • Part 2: Measuring and improving soil carbon sequestration rates
    Practical tips for managing on-farm resources to increase soil carbon sequestration potential as a form of public good.
10.05 Introducing livestock in the arable rotation
Maximising your profits while improving soil health on your arable farm. Including livestock in the rotation can bring multiple advantages, including improving soil health and weed management. The aim is to increase the productivity of arable fields, particularly those identified as underperforming. By working with other farming enterprises, income streams can be diversified and the risks of production spread, leading to mutual benefits.
10:40 Practical sessions


12:35 Lunch
13:15 TBC
13:45 Cultivation

  • Part 1: Rotational diversity to improve soil fertility
  • Part 2: The vital importance of soil health when it comes to your drilling calendar. Need to drill but want to delay drilling or drill early? Soil conditions are critical and far more important than calendar date when it comes to drilling (especially on heavier ground). Can improving soil health help delay drilling when needed by applying soil management research to practice?
14.45 Soil health indicators

  • Soil chemistry, physics and biology
  • Soil health measurements, benchmarks and scorecard
  • How to reduce compaction without practising Controlled Traffic Farming?
  • What can your soil sample analysis teach you?
  • Using soil biology to decrease outputs
  • Increasing soil permeability to mitigate the effects of extreme weather
15.25 Closing remarks

*Agenda is subject to change