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Disease warning

The current wet weather is a cause for concern for OSR growers

To drill or not to drill

That is the question for Simon Beddows, our Farmer Focus writer in Oxfordshire

New wheat winners

Varieties with good disease resistance are set to be the big gainers this autumn

Essential farming apps

We review some of the farming apps on the market for arable growers

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  • North: Spotlight on disease control in OSR

      Now that “Super September” is over we have moved into a more seasonal October with a mix of wet and windy weather. However, both air and soil temperatures have remained unseasonably high. This has implications for applications of propyzamide or carbetamide. Remember that soils need to be at a maximum of 8°C and dropping […] Full Article

  • South: Aphid numbers above average

      Oilseed rape crops are mostly at the 6-8 leaf stage and, due to the dry September, have mostly rooted well.  At the moment phoma levels are well below threshold so there is no rush for fungicide control.  This means that getting a two week gap either side of  Centurion Max applications shouldn’t be a […] Full Article

  • East: Phoma and LLS threat increases in oilseed rape

      Mild weather so far this autumn would suggest an early onset of phoma, but dry conditions have delayed the disease.  Two weeks with wet weather now mean close monitoring of OSR crops is required.  Phoma can move 5mm/day at 15⁰C therefore to prevent the disease travelling to the axial and causing cankers later on, […] Full Article

  • West: Blackgrass reluctant to chit until October

      The earliest crops of oilseed rape, which were drilled into moisture, are now very strong and have six leaves. Early graminicides have been applied, and we now wait for temperatures to drop so that propyzamide can be applied. Some crops may even require a growth regulator. We have not yet seen phoma, but it has already been observed further west. […] Full Article

  • Spud Special: Bumper potato harvest in Scotland

    The Tattie harvest in the north is almost complete – certainly most seed growers have either finished or are in their last field. The 3in of rain earlier this week has made what is left to do slightly more challenging and for ware growers it will take a few weeks yet to get the crop […] Full Article

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