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  • East: Hoping for winter barley yield records

    The field gate is almost shut; there is just time to draw breath and review this season and plan for the next before the combines roll. So while I’m leaning on the gate (chewing on the obligatory straw), how would I sum up the season? Well for me it’s been a challenge, but hopefully one […] Full Article

  • North: Keep a tight potato blight fungicide programme

    What a season it has been. Heavy disease pressure and well documented shortages of some fungicide active ingredients have contrived to keep us all on our toes! The relative strengths and weaknesses of products have been tested to the limit. Those products that have been claimed by distributors to be “just the same as” the […] Full Article

  • South: Strange years completely normal

    We’re coming to the end of the season and once again we look back on it and wonder at how strange it has been. It’s been a difficult year for spray operators, but from a disease point of view, where the sprays have gone on in good time the results are there for all to […] Full Article

  • West: Septoria continues to cause concern

    Despite two or three weeks dry weather septoria has continued to express itself in crops, particularly those where timings have been missed. It has become quite evident as the season has progressed that keeping spray intervals tight has been much more important than catching the desired growth stage spot on. This was particularly so with […] Full Article

  • West: So far so good

    Welcome sunshine will hopefully allow crops to fulfil their full potential this year, unlike 2012 when it all went wrong in June because of constant rain. Winter barley is starting to turn and indicates an early harvest. Winter wheat canopies have maintained their green colour until now, with the help of some very robust fungicide programmes. Some wheats […] Full Article

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