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New wheat winners

Varieties with good disease resistance are set to be the big gainers this autumn

Aphid threat to cereals

Warm weather means virus-carrying aphids could be spreading BYDV disease

Declining area for OSR

Falling prices, rotational changes and pest attacks see the crop area slide

Third crop options

Under new diversifiction rules fallow can now count as a crop

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  • West: Disease resistance influences wheat variety choice

    Cereal drilling is now well under way in The Southwest, but has really only started in earnest in the last week to ten days, amid concerns of getting crops too proud if drilled earlier, not to mention increased pressure from grassweeds. The oilseed rape drilling was completed by the second week of September, which is […] Full Article

  • Spud Special: Ware potato crop quality a concern

    Potato harvest is well underway; indeed clients in Cheshire are almost finished. Gross yields of both seed and ware seem to be higher than average, hardly surprising when you consider the amount of sunshine the crop received during June and July. It just goes to show the importance of achieving full ground cover by the […] Full Article

  • North: Wheat area set for an increase

    No doubt I am risking the wrath of the weather Gods, but we have had a wonderful drilling time. Conditions are dry, but we have had sufficient water to get most things moving. The total area sown to winter oilseed rape has fallen slightly as low prices and single farm payment implications have altered rotations. […] Full Article

  • South: Oilseed rape hit by feathered pests

    One of the reasons I like winter barley in an arable rotation is that it allows us to get winter oilseed rape drilled in a timely fashion, from mid August onwards. It also allows us to have a five-year gap between rape crops, which helps to negate some of the detrimental effects of earlier drilling. […] Full Article

  • East: Delay drilling for better blackgrass control

    With September now behind us, the swallows have all gone and so it all begins again –  I refer of course to the futile pursuit of trying to stop some growers drilling wheat too early in their bad blackgrass fields. With only 21 mm of rain so far in September here, stale seed-beds with good […] Full Article

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