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Profitably transforming day-old calves into fat cattle requires mastering many skills ranging from fertility management to achieving the best daily liveweight gain.

Whether you run a suckler herd or rear or finish beef cattle, browse our beef articles to find out how to improve beef farm profitability and productivity.

Key areas of focus:

  • Optimising productivity of the suckler herd
  • Achieving good weight gains and performance
  • Improving herd health and welfare
  • Management of healthy youngstock
  • Selecting the best market for your produce

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Spring-calving suckler and arable farmer Mike Powley is adapting his business to improve labour efficiency and environmental sustainability. Mr Powley, who farms with his father, is making changes to ensure…


What's in your livestock shed? visits a Powys beef finisher

A mid-Wales beef finisher is capturing an additional 0.4kg daily liveweight gain (DLWG) a head since making improvements to housing. The slatted shed was built before the Hammond family took…


How can farmers improve feed security amid climate change?

Climate change means UK farmers are experiencing more extreme weather conditions which can make growing crops far harder. What lessons can be learned from other countries to help improve feed…


6 tips for a good livestock parasite control plan

January is the best time for livestock farmers to plan out a parasite control strategy for the year ahead. A robust and practical programme will help reduce disease burdens, economic…

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