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Profitably transforming day-old calves into fat cattle requires mastering many skills ranging from fertility management to achieving the best daily liveweight gain.

Whether you run a suckler herd or rear or finish beef cattle, browse our beef articles to find out how to improve beef farm profitability and productivity.

Key areas of focus:

  • Optimising productivity of the suckler herd
  • Achieving good weight gains and performance
  • Improving herd health and welfare
  • Management of healthy youngstock
  • Selecting the best market for your produce

Latest Know How


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Selecting a sire with the right genetics can have a major impact on both performance and profitability of suckler herds. To help farmers narrow down their decisions when it comes…


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Why a mixed farmer is phasing out his suckler herd

Shropshire mixed farmer Lee Preece is phasing out his suckler herd in favour of finishing black-and-white beef bulls for rose veal. Mr Preece believes the venture is delivering better profits of…


How multi-species swards can increase grazing output

Perennial ryegrass (PRG) leys have many benefits, such as high sugar levels and easy establishment, however there are drawbacks. Because of the shallow roots, in drought conditions, yield can really…

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