Know How / Beef

Profitably transforming day-old calves into fat cattle requires mastering many skills ranging from fertility management to achieving the best daily liveweight gain.

Whether you run a suckler herd or rear or finish beef cattle, browse our beef articles to find out how to improve beef farm profitability and productivity.

Key areas of focus:

  • Optimising productivity of the suckler herd
  • Achieving good weight gains and performance
  • Improving herd health and welfare
  • Management of healthy youngstock
  • Selecting the best market for your produce

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Eliminating winter housing for cattle: options compared

An end to direct farm subsidies in some UK regions post Brexit has focused farmers’ minds on cutting winter housing costs. It costs between £1.20-£1.50 a head a day to…


Should you switch to autumn weed control for grassland?

Late summer weed control is real opportunity that’s being missed by many grassland farmers. A farm survey of 200 grassland farmers carried out by NuFarm in July and August found…


Why Timothy can help improve grass growth on marginal ground

A Welsh hill farm is experimenting with incorporating Timothy in grass seed mixes at inclusion rates of up to 40% to try to improve the persistency and quality of grazing…


How to manage body condition in overfit cows

Farmers are being advised to carefully manage cow body condition with anecdotal reports suggesting an increased number of caesarean sections due to overfit cows. Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service (FAS) says…

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