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Profitably transforming day-old calves into fat cattle requires mastering many skills ranging from fertility management to achieving the best daily liveweight gain.

Whether you run a suckler herd or rear or finish beef cattle, browse our beef articles to find out how to improve beef farm profitability and productivity.

Key areas of focus:

  • Optimising productivity of the suckler herd
  • Achieving good weight gains and performance
  • Improving herd health and welfare
  • Management of healthy youngstock
  • Selecting the best market for your produce

Latest Know How


4 common Johne’s mistakes and how to avoid them

Major progress has been made with Johne’s disease control on dairy units, but there are still common on-farm errors, according to veterinary surgeon Peter Orpin, director of Park Vet Group,…


How to maximise your spring or autumn reseed

Most reseeding is traditionally done in the autumn, but there are reasons to suggest why spring reseeds might be best. Noel Gowen, grassland and livestock consultant for Grasstec, explains how…


How to become 100% protein efficient using mixed leys

Establishing multi-species leys has enabled a Welsh upland beef and sheep farm to become 100% protein efficient. For Dafydd Parry Jones, Maesllwyni, Penegoes, Powys, the piece of advice given at…


How an Irish farmer is achieving in-calf rate of 91% with AI

Matthew Murphy is farm manager at Newford Farm, Athenry in County Galway, which was set up as a demonstration farm in 2015 by Dawn Meats and the Irish agriculture and…

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