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Bespoke John Deere drill and high-powered kit up for sale

Well-known Leicestershire farmer Steve Heard is selling his fleet of well-maintained machinery, including a custom-made 9m John Deere 750A direct drill, due to a change in his farming practises. Mr…


Contractor modifies Vaderstad Tempo to sow maize and grass

Maize and grass are now common bedfellows, but getting them growing together usually involves making a mid-season drilling pass that risks clattering maize plants and disturbing soil. Not so for…


Cover crop seeder added to Bullock Tillage line

Bullock Tillage has revealed a new front-mounted air seeding unit aimed at growers looking to establish cover crops and other small seeded species such as oilseed rape in one pass.…


New handheld weather monitor to improve spraying decisions

Kestrel’s new portable weather meter could give sprayer operators a better insight into conditions prior to and during applications. The handheld 3550AG has sensors to record wind speed and direction,…


Farmer and 8-year-old son build clever bird-scaring robot

A clever bird-scaring robot capable of roving oilseed rape fields autonomously to keep them pigeon-free has been developed by Cambridgeshire farmer Will Mumford. See also: Grower keeps OSR free from flea…


Buyer's guide: 4x4-towed livestock trailers – 7 options

Stock trailers have a hard life, and after a few years of clattering down ropey tracks and being kicked around by their occupants, they tend to look, and sound, rather…

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NAAC farm contractor charges 2020-21

The National Association of Agricultural Contractors' (NAAC) latest price guide to help contractors and farmers benchmark against the UK national average


Ultimate guide to buying a tractor 2021

Among the changes to the Ultimate Guide to tractors for 2021, the addition of Massey Ferguson’s new 8S is arguably the most significant as it sets a new style and…


Twin fert spreader combo reduces passes and eases logistics

One of the first Amazone front and rear spreader combinations in the UK is allowing its Dorset-based owners to spread two products at variable rates in a single pass and…


Australian firms develop driverless spot-spraying outfit

A trio of tech companies have joined forces to develop what they claim is the world’s first driverless spot sprayer. The autonomous Australian outfit features a custom-built 2,500-litre Prairie Special…


Ultimate guide to buying a telehandler 2021

The appearance of an electrically powered, full-size telescopic handler for the first time is one of the highlights of the 2021 Ultimate Guide to telehandlers. JCB’s 6m, 2.5t-lift Loadall 525-60E…


Greeneye builds twin-line spray pack to target applications

There is no shaking the feeling of impending doom surrounding the future availability of many herbicide active ingredients, but that needn’t mean booming weed populations, dwindling yields and slumping profits.…


Weaving launches new-look Shortdisc cultivator

Weaving has debuted a new Shortdisc cultivator designed to mix trash to a depth of 150mm. It comes in three widths – 3m, 4m and 5m – and features two…


John Deere tractors and foragers get Machine Sync system

John Deere has expanded its Machine Sync offering to allow foragers and tractors towing trailed harvesters to set the speed and travel direction of a tractor-trailer combination during crop unloading.…


Pottinger expands range with mechanical hoes

Austrian firm Pottinger has announced that it will follow several other major implement makers, including Lemken, into the world of mechanical weeding, with the first models scheduled for launch in…

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Contractor rates his simple Yorkshire-built combi disc drill

Armed with a row of soil-loosening legs, a power harrow and a set of Vaderstad disc coulters, the Combi-Plus drill from Bramleys Seed Establishment offers plenty of options for getting…


Farmers Weekly trials: Best kit for sowing grass under maize

Last season, Farmers Weekly joined forces with Wessex Water and Pearce Seeds to trial different ways of establishing undersown grass in crops of maize. Water companies are keen to encourage…


Video: First impressions - Fendt 1162 MT twin-track crawler

When Fendt announced it would be inheriting Challenger’s product range in Europe, questions centred on how the tracklayers and their crude powershift gearboxes – so obviously at odds with the…


On test: Cold water pressure washers – which is best?

Having a decent, easily portable pressure washer about the farm is always handy but, increasingly, it seems that what you buy doesn't always measure up to expectations. We put five…


What's in Your Shed? visits Contractor of the Year Tim Russon

13 years after our first What's in Your Shed visit, we return to find out what has changed in the fleet of Farmers Weekly's 2020 Contractor of the Year winner,…


What's in Your Shed? visits a Devon contractor

Richard Barrow and Andrew Patt of A&B Contractors reveal the good, bad and ugly of their machinery fleet, which includes 19 tractors, two foragers, a pair of Deere combines and…


What’s in your Shed? visits an East Lothian grower

Luffness Mains is tucked away on the banks for the Forth, roughly 20 miles east of Edinburgh. The 600ha is run by father-and-son team Geert and Graham Knottenbelt for Allan…


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Video: First impressions - Fendt 1162 MT twin-track crawler

When Fendt announced it would be inheriting Challenger’s product range in Europe, questions centred on how the tracklayers and their crude powershift gearboxes – so obviously at odds with the…


Flexrow concept offers quick drill row width adjustment

A Swedish company has designed a drill toolbar that allows for quick adjustments of row spacing to suit particular crops and varieties. Landberg Solutions' Flexrow concept was trialled last year…


Video: John Deere 6155R Autopowr on test

It's difficult to pick holes in Deere's well-rounded R-series. The cab is polished in general but the standout feature is the Command Pro joystick, which is easy to use, has…


Video: Fendt Vario 516 on test

The Fendt Vario's 516’s four-cylinder Deutz engine might be low on displacement, but it conjures up an impressive amount of power and torque from its 4-litre capacity. It can’t quite…