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Inventions Comp 2021: Philip Dickson’s hitch adjuster

Simple category runner-up Philip Dickson’s hitch adjuster Beef and sheep farmer Philip Dickson has invented a neat tool for remotely adjusting a tractor's link-arm width when hooking up. The so-called…


Inventions Comp 2021: Andrew Bradwell's farm track grader

Farm track repair specialist Andrew Bradwell couldn’t find a trailed grader that was heavy or robust enough for the work he carries out, so he set about building one himself.…


Inventions Comp 2021: Philip Harvey’s self-propelled hedgecutt...

Most readers will view the gift of a broken 30-year-old combine as something of a hospital pass, but for Philip Harvey, it represented the opportunity to build a bespoke self-propelled…


FW Inventions Competition 2021: Purpose-built 24ft trailer

Intermediate category third place Andrew Patchett and Paul Alderson’s lambing trailer A purpose-built 24ft trailer designed by Andrew Patchett and Paul Alderson has transformed the back-breaking job of loading ewes…


Inventions Comp 2021: Steven Bell's tractor access lift

Steven Bell's tractor access lift Steven Bell developed a tractor access lift for a Perthshire farmer whose ill health caused him to struggle getting in and out of his Valtra…


FW Inventions Competition 2021: Simon Eckley’s chick tray wash

Intermediate category runner-up Simon Eckley’s chick tray wash Poultry farmer Simon Eckley from Herefordshire designed and built a chick tray wash and disinfector to comply with tighter rules as a…

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NAAC farm contractor charges 2020-21

The National Association of Agricultural Contractors' (NAAC) latest price guide to help contractors and farmers benchmark against the UK national average


FW Inventions Competition 2021: Willie Dean’s grass pick-up

Intermediate category winner Willie Dean’s Xtra Chop In an effort to get shorter, more consistent chop lengths in grass harvested with forage wagons, Willie Dean, of Clockeasy Contracting near Elgin,…


Inventions Competition 2021: Edward Cragg’s grain dryer

Edward Cragg’s grain dryer automation system Complex category third place Electronics postgraduate Edward Cragg set about bringing the family farm’s 43-year-old Wilder Robomatic batch grain dryer into the 21st century…


Inventions Competition 2021: John Baines’ single-pass forager

Complex category runner-up John Baines’ single-pass forager Farm manager John Baines runs a sideline machinery building/contracting business and one of his recent ventures has been to flail, collect and haul…


Remote-control tractor wins FW's 2021 Inventions Competition

Complex category winner Tom Beach’s remote-controlled tractor Tom Beach’s clever remote-controlled tractor and broccoli harvesting trailer is this year’s complex category winner. The 23-year-old agricultural engineering student works part-time on…


Tiny Bluetooth tags locate everything from tools to tractors

Keeping track of farm machinery across several sites can be a logistical headache for big farms and contracting businesses but tracking firm Nanolink reckons its BLE Tracker kit could be…


Aussie tool releases pressure in stubborn hydraulic pipes

Pressure build-up in hydraulic pipes can make hooking up implements a far more tedious task than it needs to be. To put an end to this irksome problem, Australian engineer…


Novel hedgecutter can harvest biomass from hedgerows

Jim George has come up with a means of harvesting an untapped commodity on every farm in the country – biomass from hedges. His Hej Harvester concept offers farmers the…


John Deere ditches MyJobs task management tool

John Deere has discontinued one of its key app-based task management tools. Used by operators to manage and record jobs through the company’s precision farming packages, the MyJobs app was…

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On test: Cold water pressure washers – which is best?

Having a decent, easily portable pressure washer about the farm is always handy but, increasingly, it seems that what you buy doesn't always measure up to expectations. We put five…


On test: Ford Ranger Raptor

The Ranger Raptor resides in Ford’s Performance stable, alongside the ST, GT and RS cars, and is the show pony in its big-selling pickup range. Its brash appearance, based on…


On test: Isuzu D-Max AT35 pickup

Unremarkable yet eminently practical vans and pickups do the business for thousands of farmers across the country but, for a small minority, such understated transport just doesn’t cut the mustard.…


On test: Lemken’s five-furrow Juwel 8 plough

Although the humble plough might have fallen out of fashion in some quarters of farming, there are still those who require a simple, no-nonsense implement to bury the remnants of…


What's in Your Shed? visits a Devon contractor

Richard Barrow and Andrew Patt of A&B Contractors reveal the good, bad and ugly of their machinery fleet, which includes 19 tractors, two foragers, a pair of Deere combines and…


What’s in your Shed? visits an East Lothian grower

Luffness Mains is tucked away on the banks for the Forth, roughly 20 miles east of Edinburgh. The 600ha is run by father-and-son team Geert and Graham Knottenbelt for Allan…


What’s in Your Shed? visits a North Yorks contractor

Paul Houlston and his son Steven run a 10-strong, mainly blue tractor fleet, although several recent replacements have meant it is slowly going green. Workload consists of slurry spreading, grassland…


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Flexrow concept offers quick drill row width adjustment

A Swedish company has designed a drill toolbar that allows for quick adjustments of row spacing to suit particular crops and varieties. Landberg Solutions' Flexrow concept was trialled last year…


Video: John Deere 6155R Autopowr on test

It's difficult to pick holes in Deere's well-rounded R-series. The cab is polished in general but the standout feature is the Command Pro joystick, which is easy to use, has…


Video: Fendt Vario 516 on test

The Fendt Vario's 516’s four-cylinder Deutz engine might be low on displacement, but it conjures up an impressive amount of power and torque from its 4-litre capacity. It can’t quite…


Video: Claas Arion 550 Cebis Cmatic on test

The Claas Arion 550 Cebis Cmatic's modest proportions and respectable power make it a handy all-rounder. After testing it, we think it’s better suited to drilling and top work than…