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Calibrating and keeping your crop sprayer in tip-top condition with the right nozzles for the target and spraying conditions form an important part of our coverage; plus user experience of mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers and self-propelled sprayers, guidance and auto spraying technologies.

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Simple and tough Scorgie sprayers clock 12,000ha

Steep slopes, unforgiving potato ridges and plenty of rainfall are just a few of the reasons why Mungo and Joy Howat run a fleet of high-capacity mounted sprayers. Unlike self-propelled…


British companies develop vegetable crop spot sprayer

Two British firms have joined forces to develop a front-mounted spot sprayer for onions, leeks and carrots. The Weed Wizard is the result of a three-year collaboration between applicator maker…


Champion operator rates Chafer and Bateman self-propelleds

Buyers of the biggest self-propelled sprayers are being seduced by a seemingly ever-growing list of optional extras that promise to improve accuracy, spray efficacy and ease of use. The pinnacle…


Lamma 2024: New transmission for McConnel Agribuggy V300

For the first time in its 42-year history, the Agribuggy self-propelled sprayer has been fitted with a hydrostatic element to its mechanical drivetrain. Since it was conceived in the early…


Lechler showcases new closed-transfer sprayer coupling

German spray technology specialist Lechler revealed its new Coupler (LeC) for closed pesticide transfer at this month’s Agritechnica event in Hanover. EasyConnect is a closed transfer system (CTS) for liquid…


Mazzotti self-propelled sprayers get John Deere livery

Work to bring Italian-built Mazzotti sprayers into the John Deere fold has reached its conclusion, with the green giant finally committing to paint them in its own colours. The result…

Sprayer reviews and tests

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Driver's view: Steve May's trailed John Deere R962i sprayer

Steve May gives us the lowdown on his 2019 John Deere R962i trailed sprayer with 6,200-litre tank and 36m boom, which he runs for Northampton-based Fromant and Sanders. Find out…


Driver's view: Josh Whitear's Amazone front-and-rear sprayer

Josh Whitear works at Netherley Farm Partnership, which won the YEN milling wheat competition this year with a crop of Crusoe that yielded almost 12t/ha. Farm facts Operator: Josh Whitear…


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Save Our Sprays campaign gets off to a flying start

The Farmers Weekly Save Our Sprays Campaign has got off to a flying start with over 850 indications of support on our weekly on-line poll, about 220 signatures to our…


Video: Band sprayer cuts herbicide use in half

Cambridgeshire arable grower Edd Banks has invested in a custom-built band sprayer that could cut his herbicide bill in half and give his resistant blackgrass a hammering. Built by Herefordshire…