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Calibrating and keeping your crop sprayer in tip-top condition with the right nozzles for the target and spraying conditions form an important part of our coverage; plus user experience of mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers and self-propelled sprayers, guidance and auto spraying technologies.

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Lemken to cease sprayer production

Lemken has announced that it will end sprayer production from the end of this year as it looks to focus its resources on the development of new cultivation and drilling…


Broadacre spot spraying kits: All you need to know

Weed identification has been a cornerstone of arable farming for centuries, but it may no longer rely on keen eyes, muddy wellies and an encyclopaedic knowledge of botanical enemies. That’s…


Knight adds entry-level model to Trailblazer sprayer range

A new entry-level model has been added to Knight’s Trailblazer sprayer range for those not wanting all the bells and whistles. The trailed machine has a 3,600-litre tank and 24m…


How pre-mix bowsers can help increase sprayer output

Like most farm kit, the cost of sprayers is on an upward curve, and this is partly driven by the increasing sophistication of the technology on board. While this tech…


Pulse-width modulation spraying – is it worth the money?

Some of the UK's most serious sprayer operators are turning to pulse-width modulation (PWM) systems in a bid to improve accuracy and slash chemical costs, apparently unperturbed by its £25,000…


Unia trailed sprayer offers output on a budget

Unia unveiled its high-output trailed sprayer at Agritechnica 2019, hoping it might appeal to those shopping on a modest budget. The Heron is the Polish brand’s biggest sprayer to date…

Sprayer reviews and tests

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Driver's view: 2017 Sands Horizon 6000

We asked five operators to run through the good points and bad points of their self-propelled sprayers and explain why they picked them. This time we’re focusing on British-built machines…


Driver's view: Grower's verdict on Berthoud's Vantage sprayer

Berthoud’s new Vantage trailed machine won the affection of Essex grower Gavin Rowsell when he changed his sprayer last summer, seeing off other suitors with the promise of top after-sales…


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Simple solutions for speedier spraying

Typically in the UK, less than a third (28 days) of the key spraying period March to May has suitable weather for spraying, according to Syngenta. Cutting the amount of…


Video: How nozzle choice affects spray quality and efficacy

Selecting the appropriate sprayer nozzle for pre-emergence weed control is an important step in cutting spray drift and maximising the efficacy of the chemicals being applied. There are four key…