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Calibrating and keeping your crop sprayer in tip-top condition with the right nozzles for the target and spraying conditions form an important part of our coverage; plus user experience of mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers and self-propelled sprayers, guidance and auto spraying technologies.

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Unia trailed sprayer offers output on a budget

Unia unveiled its high-output trailed sprayer at Agritechnica 2019, hoping it might appeal to those shopping on a modest budget. The Heron is the Polish brand’s biggest sprayer to date…


Agritechnica 2019: Hardi adds top-spec Aeon sprayer

Hardi has replaced the manual valves and traditional plumbing system of its regular sprayers with an all-electric, screen-controlled setup. The Aeon, which the Danish maker claims is its most sophisticated…


Agritechnica 2019: Tymah launches self-propelled sprayer

Russia’s answer to spraying waterlogged autumn seed-beds is the unusual-looking Tymah Truman 3 six-wheeler from Pegas Agro. In winter mode, it sits on a set of 49x23.5 21 flotation tyres…


Agritechnica 2019: Lemken debuts Nova self-propelled sprayer

After seven years of development and continual requests from dealers and customers, Lemken has finally pulled the wraps of its new Nova 14 self-propelled sprayer. Headline spec sheet details include…


How a £77 black box could bring spot spraying to the masses

A Cambridge-based technology firm has developed a simple spot spraying system that has slashed the cost of precision spraying hardware to make it accessible to the farming masses. Cambridge Consultants…


John Deere improves accuracy of self-propelled sprayers

John Deere has revamped its self-propelled sprayer range to deliver higher output and more accurate application. The two new models – R4140i and R4150i – will be built at the…

Sprayer reviews and tests

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Driver’s view: Chafer Interceptor F-4000 sprayer

We asked five operators to run through the good points and bad points of their self-propelled sprayers and explain why they picked them. This time we’re focusing on British-built machines…


Vicon unveils updated T4 trailed sprayer range

Vicon has launched a T-series sprayer range that brings smarter technology and easier operation to its trailed line up. The likely volume seller in the Kubota-owned company’s new fleet is…


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Video: How nozzle choice affects spray quality and efficacy

Selecting the appropriate sprayer nozzle for pre-emergence weed control is an important step in cutting spray drift and maximising the efficacy of the chemicals being applied. There are four key…

Save Our Sprays campaign gets off to a flying start

The Farmers Weekly Save Our Sprays Campaign has got off to a flying start with over 850 indications of support on our weekly on-line poll, about 220 signatures to our…