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Calibrating and keeping your crop sprayer in tip-top condition with the right nozzles for the target and spraying conditions form an important part of our coverage; plus user experience of mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers and self-propelled sprayers, guidance and auto spraying technologies.

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Australian firms develop driverless spot-spraying outfit

A trio of tech companies have joined forces to develop what they claim is the world’s first driverless spot sprayer. The autonomous Australian outfit features a custom-built 2,500-litre Prairie Special…


Greeneye builds twin-line spray pack to target applications

There is no shaking the feeling of impending doom surrounding the future availability of many herbicide active ingredients, but that needn’t mean booming weed populations, dwindling yields and slumping profits.…


Scottish entrepreneur builds spot spraying tech on a budget

A clever spot-spraying system developed by a small Lanark-based technology company has the ability to detect unwanted weeds, such as docks in grassland, before administering a dose of herbicide. The…


Simple 24m mounted sprayers for less than £30,000

Mounted sprayers appeal to a broad church, with pint-sized smallholder models at one end of the spectrum and colossal 4,000-litre front-and-rear combinations at the other. There is also a sizeable…


Mazzotti adds Deere sprayer tech to self-propelled range

John Deere-owned Italian sprayer maker Mazzotti has added a new flagship model to its self-propelled range. The 4,000-litre MAF 4080 joins the existing MAF 2580 (2,500-litre), 3180 (3,000-litre) and 3580…

Sprayer reviews and tests

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Driver's view: Michael Knight's Sands Horizon 5500

Experienced spray man Michael Knight now runs a modestly specced but high-output Sands Horizon 5500, which replaced a five-year-old 4,000-litre Vision in February. He tells us how it has performed…


Vicon unveils updated T4 trailed sprayer range

Vicon has launched a T-series sprayer range that brings smarter technology and easier operation to its trailed line up. The likely volume seller in the Kubota-owned company’s new fleet is…


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Video: Cereals sprayers in action

Manufacturers flocked from far and wide to demonstrate their latest machines in the Sprays and Sprayers arena at this year’s Cereals event. From the smallest mounted units to the largest…


Video: How to get the best from your sprayer

James Stafford Top 10 tips Videos Sprayers are one of those bits of kit that need a good dollop of TLC to keep them running at their best. We talked…