Know How / Farm maintenance

Maintenance on the farm is essential to keep the place looking tidy and make sure machinery and buildings are in the best shape they can be.

So, if it’s chainsaws, strimmers and fencing gear, or clothing, tools or padlocks, we try out the latest products on the market and pick out handy items that make life in the workshop a little easier.

Key areas of focus:

  • Keeping your big machinery running smoothly
  • Maintenance of farm premises, fences and buildings
  • Best power tools to use in the workshop
  • Honing your workshop skills
  • Farmer machinery and gadget inventions

Case studies

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Farmer saves cash by 3D printing parts for home-built drill

Farm workshops are a brilliant starting point for heavy-metal machinery projects but, for inventions requiring delicate components, there’s inevitably a point at which home-builders have to resort to buying bits…


Farmer builds ingenious twin-chamber double square baler

Keen to increase the pedestrian pace of small-bale hay production, Virginia farmer Rusty Inskeep designed and built a baling system that almost tripled the farm’s output. The slick setup allows…


Seasoned inventor reveals his niftiest farm creations

When it comes to ingenuity and resourcefulness, farmers seem to be in a league of their own. And if the annual Farmers Weekly Farm Inventions competition is anything to go…


2017 Farm Inventions competition: Complex category

This year’s complex category in the Farm Inventions Competition offered up some high-tech items that required a serious level of planning and workmanship. Our contenders include a brace of drilling…

2017 Farm Inventions competition: Intermediate category

This year’s intermediate category in the Farm Inventions Competition showed up lots of clever creations that involved top-quality metalwork or simple hydraulic systems. We had a particularly strong batch of…


2017 Farm Inventions competition: Simple category

This year’s simple category in the Farm Inventions competition shows workshop ingenuity at its best. They’re often simple in nature, but also demonstrate farmers’ knack for finding nifty solutions to…

Practical advice

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In photos: Simple checks to keep farm trailers safe

Farmers need to ensure that their trailers are safe and properly maintained ahead of the busy summer months. Transport-related accidents are among the main causes of workplace fatalities in agriculture,…


How to make fence posts on farms last longer

Marvellous stuff, wood. It can be turned into a desk, a violin or a 50ft yacht. But when it comes to knocking a wooden post into the ground to keep…


Farming near footpaths - the law for arable farmers

The majority of farms have some form of public right of way across them, whether it is a footpath, bridleway or byway. But when walkers are heading for your crops,…


Tips to help keep biomass boilers running trouble-free

Burning timber from your own woodland in boilers to provide heat for houses and offices seems like a bit of a no-brainer, especially when Theresa May will pay you for…


Septic tanks on farm: Rules and replacements

By the time 1 January 2020 comes round, the Environment Agency hopes that farmers with septic tanks that currently discharge into a watercourse will have checked them and upgraded if necessary.…


All you need to know about lights in farm buildings

Most farms have a variety of lights about the place, many of them in use since Maggie Thatcher was in No 10. That made perfect sense because lightbulb technology had…


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Video guide: Getting the best from a round baler

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Power Farming’s ‘Getting the best from’ series of articles and videos continues with the round baler. With the help…


Video: Fitting tractor air brakes

Fitting air to your tractor How does the system work? Optional extras Plumbing up a trailer with air-brakes might be almost as simple as tying your laces, but it’s a…


Video: Getting the best from a Kuhn RW 1100

With the assistance of Kuhn’s Paul Jennings, we take a look at the points users should be looking at when setting their machines up for a season’s use. Watch the…


Video: How to fit trailer air brakes

We’ve shown how you can get your hydraulic trailer brakes up to stratch, but if you want ultimate stopping power you should consider updrading to air. Why air? Installation: part…


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How rolling road test can help keep trailer brakes shipshape

It's easy to assume that new trailers come with tuned-up, highly efficient braking kits, but farm manager Jim Scarratt found a very different result when he ran his up-to-date load…